Seven Must Visit Cities In Morocco

Morocco is a country of mosques and mosaics, with every city built around an ancient maze-like medina. Traveler’s paradise, and here are

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Discover Siberia - Russia

Irkutsk from above – the cultural capital of Eastern Siberia

Irkutsk is one of the ten largest Siberian cities, occupying the sixth line in this list. Located 66 kilometers from Lake Baikal.

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International travel guides and blogs

Welcome to Lisbon – An Ultimate Travel Guide – I

Lisbon is back after pandemic more attractive and welcoming! Lisbon’s historic center lays spread out on seven hills overlooking the Tagus River

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Travel blog about Romania

Romania – Travel Tips by Indie Traveler

Here are some travel tips for Romania – provided by Indie Traveler. Romania is very cheap by most Western- or Northern European travelers

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Travel advice Romania

Planning A Transylvania Trip in Romania?

Romania will open your eyes to its incredible natural beauty and deep-rooted traditional culture. How about visiting Transylvania?

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Saransk – Russia – in all its glory

Saransk is a compact city, with a large number of squares that merge into one another. The most popular and well-known sights of the city are

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A Tale of a Crossing During the Great Wildebeest Migration

If you haven’t seen a river crossing during the Wildebeest Migration in person, no documentary will ever do it justice. By Susan Portnoy

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Showing Chernyakhovsk in the Kaliningrad region

When I traveled from Kaliningrad to the regional town of Chernyakhovsk, I did not expect something special. Yes, the guidebooks promised that the German architecture was well preserved in it, since the former Insterburg was not so affected by the hostilities.

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