Budapest: 15 photos of the very beautiful city in Europe

The capital of Hungary is beautiful at any time of the year. It will especially appeal to connoisseurs of ancient architecture and thermal springs. The historic center of Budapest has long been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The famous baths have become the country’s trademark.

If you want to visit a beautiful European country with a rich historical heritage and an abundance of attractions, but at the same time save on accommodation and food, then this city is ideal for such plans. Although Hungary is part of the EU, the country has retained its national currency (forints), the rate of which is much more favorable. The prices in restaurants and museums in Budapest will pleasantly surprise you.

The central part of the Hungarian capital is literally an open-air museum. It is enough to download or buy a guide to see the majestic palaces, castles, bastions of different eras. You don’t even need to book a tour.

Hungarian cuisine is distinguished by a variety of dishes and an abundance of spices. Fragrant goulash, rich meat and fish soups, paprikash, libamai, sweet desserts… Many travelers come to Budapest just to enjoy local cuisine.

If we have not yet seduced you into a trip to Budapest, perhaps the photographs of our travelers will help cast aside all doubts and choose a place for your next vacation.

Photos – Credits – 1-14 © Victor Bashkir and photo No. 15 (motorbike) © Elena Itenberg

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