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Aegean Coast of Turkey: ancient cities that are worthy of

The Turkish Aegean coast attracts not only with its clean and warm sea, gentle sun and beautiful nature. History buffs also have a place to roam here. The ruins of more than 25 ancient cities are located on a relatively small area. Some of them have survived to this day in an extremely ruined state, while others still amaze with their grandeur and scope.

I want to share with you those places that made the greatest impression on me.


Celsius Library <br>Hilt

Ephesus is an ancient port built in the 10th century BC, a major trading center during antiquity and the Roman Empire, one of the greatest cities of its time with magnificent architecture. In Ephesus was one of the wonders of the world – the Temple of Artemis.

Of greatest interest are the library of Celsius, the Temple of Hadrian, the Houses of the Roman terrace, the large theater and .. public latrines.

Roman public latrines looked like this: a wooden or stone bench with holes (the Ephesian version is made of marble), located above the sewers, through which water from aqueducts flowed, carrying sewage into the sea or river.

Ephesus still impresses with its size and beauty. It is worth allocating at least 4 hours to visit this ancient city, it is so large.


The ancient city of Priene

Priene was founded by refugees from Athens in the 11th century BC, but this original settlement was located in a lowland and has now completely disappeared under the silt deposited by the river.

Over time, the building moved up and the city that we see now was built on mountain terraces, following the plan developed by the great Hippodames, an architect from neighboring Miletus. The essence of the Hippodamian planning is to cross the streets at right angles and move significant objects (theaters or polling places) outside the residential areas.

The main attractions of Priene are the temple of Athena, the theater, the agora, the acropolis.


Baths of Faustina <br>Miletus

Miletus – once one of the most powerful and wealthy Ionian cities of Asia Minor, the birthplace of the great philosopher Thales of Miletus, is now in ruins.

This is far from the most popular ancient city on the Aegean coast. There are almost no people here. And this is a huge plus, as it allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient city all alone.

The main attractions of Miletus are the well-preserved theater and the Roman baths of Faustina.

There are quite many more interesting cities and places in this area. I hope that above short descriptions helped making decision to visiting them is on your bucket list.

Happy and safe travel!

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