Where to expect Russian tourists now?

Russian tourists are traditionally leading European travellers. Where to expect them in the incoming northern summer in the second season of harsh sanctions?

New geopolitical conditions adjusted the top list of popular destinations for the summer of 2023. Russian tourists began to pay more attention to Turkey, traditionally the biggest summer destination of outbound tourism, and Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and other available destinations on direct flights without regard to seasonality.

Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Thailand will be on the list of the best in the summer season. Sri Lanka and Cuba will get their share of Russian tourists, says Konstantin Gulevich, Director of Distribution of ANEX Tour.

Each of the top destinations could expect even more tourists than before.

Where are Russian tourists planning to travel this season?
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Turkey: prices are higher, and fewer tourists

The cost of tours to Turkey for the coming summer has increased markedly compared to last year — high transportation tariffs and rising hotel prices.

Ozgur Tankut, founder of the Turkey Melino Travel & Event Creative Couturier host company, estimates the price increase for some hotels at 30 – 40%. It also links cost increases with inflation. “Product prices rose by an average of 30 – 40% for hotels; staff salaries were increased, etc. All this has a corresponding effect on pricing.” However, Turkey is expected to remain the main destination for Russian tourists incoming northern summer.

Egypt: hot but affordable

In the summer, Egypt will become an alternative to Turkey for many Russian tourists. There are much more options for an economical vacation here than on the Antalya coast.

The situation with transportation is generally reasonable. In daily mode, « Aeroflot » flies to Egyptian resorts. Several other Russian and Egyptian airlines are also regular. The volume of transport will be increased for the season.

popular destinations for Russian tourists
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UAE: high-quality service against the heat

Over the past few years, UAE has become one of the more popular destinations for Russian tourists.

Extended flight programs by Arab carriers for the summer season and demand allow the UAE to stay in the top 3 destinations.

Thailand: more transportation — more Russian tourists

Travel agents say that the most limiting factor for the increase in Russian tourists is an inefficient number of flights. The volume for the summer season is modest — six Russian cities of departure.

AZUR Air planned flights to Phuket from Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk in the summer season.

Cuba, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, and Maldives have direct flights to Moscow and other Russian cities. They expect their usual share of Russian tourists. The biggest losers in terms of number of visitors from Russia are European countries. It is not only because there are no flights between European and Russian cities. There are problems with Russofobia, and Europe should only expect Russian tourists for a few years.

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