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Danube and Tisa rivers hug above Stari Slankamen, where civilisations collided, the flavours of wine soothe the world’s gastronomy

FROM INĐIJA from the highway to the right, no more than ten kilometres. They go first to Novi Karlovci and then to Novi Slankamen. And before you dive down the road to the shores of the beautiful Stari Slankamen, there is a separation on the right, above it says “Šapat Wine Studio” (“Whisper Wine Studio”)

This is where the vineyards of Fruškogorje (Fruska Gora Mountain region) meet with an imposing building from our century, partially buried in the Fruškogorje hill. It’s the Atelier of Wine – it says so modestly, but it’s much more. It resembles a time-out stolen from life.

This year, the gastronomic spectacle “French Cuisine with Stars” was held in the Fleur de Sel restaurant within the “Šapat” winery. “Fireworks of the senses” took place in the organisation of the Association “I Love France” and the “Federal Association of the Alsace Region”. The promotion of the European gastronomy centre of the Alsace region was the focus of the event. Still, the beauty of Srem and the wine studio partially stole the glory from Alsace.

In fact, no one stole anything from anyone on that beautiful Wednesday at the end of May. Everyone enjoyed it.

How to get to Stari Slankamen

Stari Slankamen is around one hour drive away from two major cities in Serbia – Belgrade and Novi Sad.

“French cuisine with stars” is a unique manifestation of an international character. It was held in Serbia for the second year. It brought together guests from the business and economy of Serbia, as well as their friends, representatives of France and the region’s countries.

Among the French were the chefs of the Michelin kitchen of the European Centre of Gastronomy, the Alsace region in France, with the central star Joël Philipps, the famous Michelin chef. The restaurant owner with the longest tradition in the French province of Alsace, Huser Michel, sat at the same table. And there was also the president of the International Union of Alsace. It operates on five continents with 63 representative offices (from December 2022, also in Serbia). 

From Strasbourg, Gerard Štidel, president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Strasbourg “Aria”, Sebastijan Miller, from the directorate of the European Center for Education in the Hotel Industry CEFPPA and the wonderful Mrs Eleonore Rose and Slađana Novaković, president of the Association “I love France” and “Federal Associations of the Region Alsace in Serbia”.

Wine tours of Serbia
Serbian wine tours

The main “stars” of our “Šapat representative team” from Slankamen were Dušan Vranić, general manager of “Atelje vina Šapat”. He returned to Serbia after 16 years of working in renowned restaurants in New York. Also, chef and head chef Nikola Stojaković with more than 13 years of experience in famous Michelin restaurants in Paris. The honour of Serbian gastronomy was Mladen Dragojlović, the chief oenologist at the winery “Atelje vina Šapat”. His wine nectars have won multiple awards, and he studied at elite wineries in Europe and South America.

Wine Tours of Serbia – The “Whisper” Complex

Whisper Wine Studio

This is an exciting complex with apartments, rooms, one large restaurant, and another restaurant… The larger restaurant has the advantage of the terrace and the view. It is perfect for families, corporate lunches and events. All with a relaxed atmosphere, exceptional quality food, gastronomy, service, and a great wine list. Next to it is a smaller restaurant that offers more privacy. Fantastic mix of taste, smell, sightseeing and a sense of space and time.

In the end, while the day was winding down, we returned to Belgrade by van. The wine sang within us. 

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