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Saransk is the capital city of the Republic of Mordovia, Russia, as well as its financial and economic centre. It is located in the Volga basin at the confluence of the Saranka and Insar Rivers, about 630 kilometers east of Moscow. Saransk was one of the host cities of the official tournament of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Saransk is a rather compact city, with a large number of squares that merge into one another. The most popular and well-known sights of the city are the Cathedral of Theodore Ushakov, the Erzya Museum, the Memorial Museum of Military and Labor Feat 1941-1945 and the Park of Culture and Leisure. A.S. Pushkin, the embankment is also good. And, of course, the new and beautiful Millennium Square and the “Star of Mordovia” located there – one of the highest fountains in Russia with color music (though he is on vacation in winter, that’s why he believed it). The city itself is located on the banks of the Insar River.

On Millennium Square there is a memorial stone. One side is carved an ancient map of the settlement of the Mordovian and other peoples. On the other – a pendant with the family sign of the Rurik dynasty. Archaeologists have found this decoration on the territory of Mordovia.

Memorial stone in Saransk - Russia
Memorial Stone Saransk Russia travel photos

Founded in 1641

Saransk was founded in 1641 as a fortress of Saransk Ostrozhek on the southeastern outskirts of the Muscovy. The development plan for Saransk was personally approved by Catherine II. Thanks to that the city received a rectangular street network, convenient and practical, like modern cities. Saransk officially became the capital of Mordovia in 1934. During the years of Soviet power, Saransk turned from a trading city into a large industrial center of the republic.

Sports universal complex with a transforming arena, created for major international competitions: volleyball, handball, basketball, mini-football, rhythmic gymnastics, boxing. It was built in 2014-2016. The capacity varies depending on the sport, from 5,500 people for entertainment events to 8,200 people for sporting events.

Monuments to Lenin are very common for all large cities in Russia

It is almost impossible to imagine large cities without monuments to V.I. Lenin, that Saransk is no exception. It was installed in 1960 on Sovetskaya Square. The monument is a cast bronze figure of the leader, which is erected on a pedestal. In his hand, Lenin holds a tightly clenched cap.

Monument to Lenin in Saransk city of Russia
Monument to Lenin Saransk Russia travel photos

The building of the House of Soviets, which was built in 1938-1939 according to the project of I.A.Meerson. Initially, it housed the regional committee of the CPSU (b), the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Mordovian ASSR and the Council of People’s Commissars. Currently, the State Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia is located here.

Monument to the founders of Saransk. On the Fountain Descent, where the fortress was founded in 1641, a memorable sculptural composition dedicated to the builders of Saransk was erected. And so in the 18th century, on the former Moscow descent, a defensive tower rose, which soon became the border for the rampart. The fortress was an important strategic site in the southeast of the country, as it was able to hold back the raids of nomads. 

Due to repeated fires in the 19th and 20th centuries, the city was repeatedly burned down and rebuilt, and its appearance was constantly transformed. Therefore, at present, neither the fortress nor the watchtower has been preserved. The monument itself is made in the form of a stone, on which there are bas-reliefs of five men. They are depicted in full growth with a construction tool in their hands.

The monument to the founders of city of Saransk in Russia
Monument to the founders of Saransk Russia travel photos
Monument in honor of Nikon the sixth Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Saransk Russia travel photos

The most comfortable city in Russia – 2012

For five years in a row the capital of Mordovia became the winner of the All-Russian competition for the title of “The most comfortable city in Russia” among the cities of the 1st category, including four times it took the second place. In 2012, Saransk was recognized as the most comfortable city in Russia.

Mordovian Museum of Local Lore. It was founded in 1918. Today the Saransk Museum of Local Lore presents a collection of 200 thousand items. The permanent exhibition is divided into 3 areas: the history of Mordovia before 1917, modern history and the nature of the republic.

Mordovian Museum of Local Lore city of Saransk Russia travel photos

On the western side of Victory Square in 2000, a chapel was built in the name of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky. The chapel building (designed by V. I. Babakov) is octagonal, 4.5 meters in diameter, 6 meters high, finished with white and red bricks. The total height of the chapel together with the cross is 20 meters. On August 3, 2000, the consecration of the chapel by His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II, who arrived in Mordovia on a pastoral visit, took place.

A chapel was built in the name of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky Saransk Russia travel photos

National Library. A.S. Pushkin. Its opening took place in 1899, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the birth of A.S. Pushkin. Now the library’s funds contain over 1 million different documents and books.

National Library AS Pushkin Saransk Russia travel photos

Mordovia State University

The main square of Saransk was built in 2012 on the site of the Svetotekhnika stadium. Dedicated to the millennium since the unification of the Mordovian people with the Russians. By the way, the Saranka River used to flow right through the central square of the city. She gave it a name. And this magnificent building is a local university. Mordovia State University named after N.P. Ogarev was opened on October 2, 1957. Now it is recruiting students in 89 specialties at 11 faculties.

Mordovia State University named after NP Ogarev Saransk Russia travel photos

Cathedral of the holy righteous warrior Theodore Ushakov. The building of the cathedral deserves admiration and admiration, because its architecture is made in a refined imperial style. The main dome of the cathedral rises high into the sky (its height reaches 62 meters), and the decoration in the neo-Byzantine style gives the temple significance and importance. The bell tower of the cathedral deserves special attention: all 12 bells are placed in four belfries strictly along the perimeter. The area of ​​the temple, which is 900 square meters, can accommodate about 3 thousand parishioners. A special shrine of the cathedral is a capsule with particles of the relics of the holy righteous admiral Fyodor Ushakov. The inauguration of the temple took place on August 6, 2006.

Monument to Theodore Ushakov Saransk Russia travel photos
Cathedral of the holy righteous warrior Theodore Ushakov Saransk Russia travel photos

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