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Welcome to Lisbon – An Ultimate Travel Guide – I

Lisbon is back after pandemic more attractive and welcoming than ever!

There are so many things to do in Lisbon. Filled with charm, and literally stacked with ambiance, Lisbon’s hilly streets offer many days (and many crazy nights) of sweet exploration.

Portugal’s capital city wasted no time sucking us in. Within a couple of hours of arriving we found ourselves walking up and down the cobblestone hills of Lisbon’s Alfama district. Ensnared by the allure of its old world charm.   

Past courtyard cafes, down crooked stone streets, beyond the flitting sounds of mournful Fado music Lisbon constantly encouraged us to explore around the next corner.

While it might sound like we’re writing a hyperbolic love song, we promise we aren’t exaggerating. Lisbon charmed our pants off. And if you like historic cities that have done a remarkable job of preserving their past you’ll feel exactly as we did. Doubly so if you enjoy wandering down vibrant streets, enjoying good weather nearly all year round, and friendly-as-all-heck locals.

Lisbon offers all of the above, in droves

Old streets of Lisbon - Portugal - travel guides and blogs

Lisbon’s historic center lays spread out upon seven hills overlooking the Tagus River.  This central part of the city is composed of many small neighborhoods, all of which are bit different from one another yet are equally fascinating. This is where you will doubtlessly be spending a majority of your time as a tourist.

When first arriving in Lisbon it is a good idea to look over a couple of maps of the center and try to get a basic feel for what can be a slightly confusing city to navigate.  It took us a few days to get oriented properly but once we did we loved exploring all the little nooks and crannies that make Lisbon the great city that it is.

We have prepared a pretty basic list of Lisbon’s attractions that we think should be visited and explored by travelers of all ages and budget restrictions. Beneath that section we have included some tips on how to save money when visiting Lisbon, some of the best and cheapest places to stay, and tips for visiting Lisbon as a vegan. We hope you find our Lisbon travel guide useful during your time in this gem of a city.

This is just introduction to your happy travels

As always we urge you guys to shop local, get off the beaten path when possible, and explore beyond the boundaries of your maps. Happy travels!

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